We have heard that many of you would like more information about what is going to happen or what exactly we will be doing during the workshop.

So here goes… First and foremost, we are offering you the time and space to explore, discover and re-connect with your “Self” through being in nature, “walking with the horses,” and reflecting through any creative process you choose. What does that mean or look like you might be asking. Well, each person will be experiencing something different. If you have been intrigued by this workshop, then you already may have an intention you are bringing with you. That intention may be very clear to you, a little fuzzy, or completely unknown. This time spent with the horses and the creative process is a natural wellspring to your inner self. 

We will begin our morning with a brief introduction to expressive arts and a short mindful exercise. Next we will spend time with the horses, followed by a nature walk back to the studio barn where we will explore and play with the art materials. The time is yours to express! You will then be invited to break into small groups for sharing your experiences. Remember…this is your gift to yourself to clear some space for reflection, personal discovery and growth. This time is yours, and you are the director!!