Mini Day Retreat Journey~Expressive Arts~Yoga January 30, 2022 12:30-3:00

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The Theme: Finding Your Place of Inner Peace and Power

The Purpose: Creating space and time for yourself to reconnect, recharge, and  recalibrate.

The Presentation: Breathe into where you are on the Yoga mat with Lori Ann Lutz, and express where you want to go through an Expressive Art venture with Tanara. 

Join us in the beautiful historic town of Fort Benton along the Missouri River at the home of Tanara Martin. The welcoming river views from this home sets the stage for this journey. We look forward to sharing this beautifully crafted mini retreat with you. All materials will be provided as well as refreshments served.  Absolutely no art or yoga experience needed. Lori Ann and Tanara will walk you through the process and you will walk away feeling confident, capable and empowered. More details will be provided upon registration. If you would like to contact us, you can reach Tanara at 406-788-2329.